What to do in case of fire at your building?

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First of all, never ignore a fire alarm and it is always a better idea to have the right fire alarm design installed at your building so that you can prevent such incidents. If you know well what you can do when there is fire then it becomes easier to save your life as well as other’s lives. If you are not well prepared then chances are you will go into a panic in such a situation. 

But yes, life is uncertain. In life, any time unexpected and dangerous events like fire can occur even when we use the fire protection system. But if we know the things before then you can take the right action at that time and can save your life.   

What are the dos in case of fire at a building?


If you hear the fire alarm then your first reaction is to grab the keys and alert the people present around. While getting out of the building, you need to take care of a few things. Have a look at:

Take instant action 

As you have to take prompt action because you only have a few seconds to get out of the building so to save your life, it is important to take quick action. 

Don’t waste time 

It is not the time to look for the valuable items, it is the time when you have to save yourself first. You don’t need to think about anything else. Remember that valuables can be replaced but not your life. 

Try to stay calm 

Of course, it is not easier to stay calm because you are seeing your building, office, or home burning along with your valuables. But still, you need to stay calm to protect yourself. Because by staying calm you can make wiser choices and can take prompt action to save your building and valuables. 

Open the door slowly 

Even if the door is cool, you should open it gradually especially when there is smoke. 

Don’t use the elevator when exiting 

When you are exiting the building, you should not use the elevator even when you are in hurry. As the fire begins to spread therefore it can also reach the elevators because electrical connections caught fire at a rapid rate. If you use the elevator then you might get caught in the fire. And while exiting the building, you should stay below the smoke line. 

Use these tips to exit the building in case of fire to save your life. 

Check these fire safety precautions!!!

  • Keep the doorways, egress and the path of the corridor cleared. Ensure that all the electrical supplies are in good condition. 
  • Never store inflammable items in a room so that you can easily prevent fire. 
  • Keep the fire alarm design updated and make sure that the fire extinguishers and other fire supply up to date. 

These are the certain fire safety precautions that could help keep the building safe from fire and you don’t need to face such difficult circumstances in life.